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Global CTB

Global CTBIf you have decided to become a trader and you are looking to sign up with a trusted and reliable broker, you will find out that there are several options to choose from. You can find the services of several hundreds of brokers online who are willing to offer you their services on some of the best trading platforms to trade on any asset you desire. But you must verify the claims of a broker before committing your time and resources others you might fall into the wrong hands.

Do you think that any service provider or business organization would talk wrong about their company? They won’t let you know that you are in for a long ride of stress complaints and inefficiencies on their part. The onus lies on you to properly carry out proper research to verify the claims of a broker. You also have to find out if a platform meets your requirements as a trader.

For those who would like to consider crypto trading as a viable means of making, then you may want to check out the Global CTB. The Global CTB is regarded as an investment platform in the crypto market that does not just offer their users several trading coins but also provides a complete set of high-performance tools to provide a seamless trading process.

There are several other brokers in the crypto market. Still, it is best to patronize and stick to one that is dedicated to a tendency of offering you an enhanced user experience in comparison to other brokers. What makes Global CTB stand out from other banks and what are those unique features of the platform that seems to increase its ranking among different trading platforms.

How is the Global CTB trading platform?

Before committing your resources and time towards investing in a trading platform, you need to know how the platform operates as well as the features that can be found on the trading platform.  You may not expect the Global CTB trading platform to offer you an MT4 type of trading, which is popular among crypto traders, but yes, the Global CTB trading platform has the unique features that make it stand out from others. The broker has invested time and effort in providing a proprietary platform for trading.

With the Global CTB platform, you may be able to have a seamless trading activity. The platform also comes with a web-based design that is accessible via the internet from your device’s browser. One advantage of using a web-based platform is because you are less likely to encounter software lag or performance issues. It is the broker’s responsibility to ensure that the website is secure and not yours. Another high point of the Global CTB is that you are not bound to using a particular device for carrying out trading because the software is compatible with several devices. As long as the Smartphone has an internet connection, then you should have no stress in using the web-based option.

The Global CTB has moved a step further in ensuring that everyone, irrespective of the device, has unrestricted access to the trading platform. To achieve this, the broker has provided mobile solutions for Android and iOS users. Most crypto traders want a platform that can offer them seamless access to trade without hassles or unnecessary downtime. Traders need something easy to access even while in transit, and the mobile version of Global CTB trading provides just that. As a crypto trader, you mustn’t compromise in terms of high performance and easy to use features. You may want to find out what unique features you can find on the Global CTB trading platform.

Features of the Global CTB trading platform

Multiple payment options

One of the attributes of an ideal trading platform is to provide users with easy and various options for making deposits. The Global CTB offers users the chance to make deposits into their Global CTB account using multiple payment options. A minimum deposit of $250 is required to enable users to begin the trading process.

Unlike some other platforms that may take longer for payments to be made, the Global CTB platform is said to ensure that users’ deposits are credited so that they can commence trading after their deposit. Some of the payment options include credit card, MasterCard, etc.

Advanced security feature

Since the launch of cryptocurrency trading, some trading platforms have experienced a breach in their security system, which has cost users a lot in terms of resources and time. Not all trading platforms can be trusted as some of them are liable to hacks, while others may be scam platforms.

It is risky as a user for you to share your financial information on a platform that does not have a useful security feature. In an attempt by Global CTB to mitigate the risk of trading, they are reported to have made security a top priority. The platform is also said to have implemented measures to limit trading risk.

The trading platform is designed with an SSL encryption to protect the sensitive and personal information of users from getting into the hands of unauthorized persons. With the SSL feature, payment details and other information are encrypted. Even though the platform is hacked, the data obtained by the hacker would be worthless because they are fully encrypted.

Issues of identity theft are also prevented as a result of the implementation of stringent policies to curb the problem of unauthorized persons having access to your account.

With Global CTB, it is easier to get started with trading

If you are just beginning your journey into the world of crypto trading, you may be on the right part when trading via the Global CTB platform. The Global CTB trading platform takes into cognizance the fact that concurrency is an emerging currency type, hence the need. For traders to have a trading platform that is reliable, trusted, and capable of meeting their cryptocurrency  Investment expectation.

Not so many people are familiar with the cryptocurrency trading market, and such activity may result in massive investment losses. Hence the Global CTB trading platform carries out the sensitization and education of new traders to enable them to have a higher turnaround in their crypto trading investment. Experienced traders would also have a lot to benefit from such awareness and educational campaign by the crypto trading platform.

New strategies, as well as other up to date information, are shared by the broker to serve as a guide to traders and help them to have a much higher investment profit. Apart from the fact that the platform makes leading materials available to users, it also boasts of seasoned crypto investment consultants who are on hand to assist traders. These consultants are professionals who are well-grounded in the cryptocurrency trading industry. They feel obliged to share their wealth of experience with others in the same field to help them in their decision-making process so that they can improve their profit margin in the long run.

Global CTB offers a high margin and leverage

It is no news for most crypto traders that you can have high investment returns when trading on cryptocurrency, but without any investment, making such returns may just be a distant reality. One major challenge is the issue if high investment cost as many people who may be interested in trading on cryptocurrency may be limited by finance. For this reason, most brokers provide traders with leverages, and Global CTB is at the forefront of offering leverages to their users and clients alike.

Leverage is a certain amount contributed by a broker to every trading activity carried out by a client. One outstanding feature about Global CTB, which places the platform above several other trading platforms, is that you may be offered a 1:5 leverage ratio for every trade you make. If you have previously traded in stocks or other assets, the leverage provided may not seem likes a big deal. Still, considering the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, you will agree that getting such leverage from your broker may go a long way to helping you in your business.

In terms of margins, the Global CTB trading platform has fewer requirements because the reality of finance limitation is a crucial factor considered as a top priority by the platform. Because of this, Global CTB gives you and another client’s the opportunity to trade in a more open, comfortable, and free environment.

Global CTB provides clients with several types of cryptocurrencies

Many people are only aware of Bitcoin when the issue of cryptocurrency trading is being discussed. As you become more involved in the cryptocurrency trading market, you will get to see that there are several other types of cryptocurrencies.  You have a plethora of digital currencies that are traded on the crypto market daily. What this means is that the cryptocurrency market is one that is filled with limitless opportunities and an avenue for you to make money.

When you begin interacting with brokers, you may discover that most brokers may not open you up to several other options. But with the Global CTB, traders on the platform are given all available options for them to explore before committing their resources to invest on the platform. Global CTB takes this process a step further by advising customers to invest in as many cryptocurrency types as they deem fit. With Global CTB, traders can have access to trade on different cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum, and Ripple. By choosing any of this cryptocurrency, you are engaging in diversification, which is excellent when it comes to crypto trading.

Good customer support

Without customers patronizing a particular business, that business amounts to nothing. A platform use to carryout investments is nothing without having any investors. With this in mind, the Global CTB has put in remarkable effort to ensure that their customer support strength is enhanced.

Their representatives are saddled with the responsibility of providing efficient and round the clock support for their customers via different communication channels. The Global CTB website is designed with a live chat feature to enable users to send and receive live messages from clients. You may also contact their customer care agents for through email services, or better still request a call back by stating your name and purpose for contacting them.

The Global CTB website is also designed with an FAQ page where answers to questions that are frequently asked by customers have been provided. With all these, it may be safe to say that the platform’s customer support is excellent.


One outstanding feature of the Global CTB platform is that the broker provides clients with several other ways of earning money outside trading. Of course, you are free to trade as that is the primary reason the platform was designed, but you can as well make money by referring the broker to other clients. If one of your referrals signs up on the platform, then you may be given a commission. Aside from that, the Global CTB also offers rewards and bonuses that serves as a profitable opportunity for crypto traders to increase their earnings.


The aspect of banking is a critical part of crypto trading because there is no way you may be able to trade without having any money. What is the need to earn a profit on a trading platform without being able to withdraw your earnings? Hence it is essential to check out the banking policy of a broker before you go ahead to invest in the broker’s trading platform. What is the banking policy of the Global CTB trading platform?

The platform seeks to put everyone into consideration. The broker supports two different currencies, which include the British Pound (GBR) and the Euro (EUR). The broker does not charge you any deposit fee apart from the minimum investment fee. However, your bank may charge you for such a transaction.

About the issue of money laundering or the broker’s AML policy, you are to ensure that the debit or credit card used to carry out a transaction on the platform has to have the same name that you are applying for your Global CTB registration account. The platform supports you in using either MasterCard or Visa card to make your deposit. Your deposit is verified almost immediately. However, using wire transfer may take a longer time for the process to be complete.

The Global CTB trading platform, the Global CTB, has added several other e-payment options such as Skrill and Neteller.

When it comes to the aspect of making withdrawals, Global CTB has designed its platform in such a way that you can only withdraw a minimum of 100 as the value of the currency you are trading on.  Irrespective of the cash withdrawal method you are using, you may not be able to exceed this limit. It may also be possible for you to make withdrawals via Neteller and PayPal, which may take about three days for the withdrawal process to be completed.

Besides, bank transfers may require a minimum of 10 days for the funds to be processed. As per withdrawal cost, the Global CTB has a distinctive policy for charges made on each withdrawal. The first withdrawal you make in the month is usually made for free, while subsequent withdrawals may cost you about 25 euros or British pounds.


The Global CTB trading platform has been in existence for over nine years in the cryptocurrency trading and financial market. The provisions and other unique features provided by the platform that assists traders in making a profit is a testament to their existence. The platform offers an impressive list of assets that can help traders to diversify their investment. Such provisions are commendable.

The platform is built to ensure compatibility with different devices. Traders can either make use of the web-based feature or the trading software to carry out their trading effectively. However, just like every other trading platform, we advise that you don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.